Destiny Tool partners with Machining Cloud GmbH

Posted at: Mar 12


Destiny Tool, a supplier of high performance end mills for use in non-ferrous and high temperature alloys, and Machining Cloud GmbH, product data content provider for the digital shop, jointly announce that they will work together in order to publish Destiny Tool’s cutting tool product data onto the Machining Cloud.

The goal of this alliance is to significantly reduce the time associated with finding, selecting, purchasing and using Destiny Tool’s products.

Through the Machining Cloud, Destiny Tool’s product data – descriptive, usage and geometric information, application knowledge and price and availability – will be readily available to feed their customers’ CAM systems, simulation software and other data-hungry shop software and equipment.

Using the Machining Cloud tablet and desktop apps, Destiny Tool’s customers will have access to a rich set of software features including Selector, Job Management, Reporting and Commerce.

“Machining Cloud’s ability to feed Destiny Tool’s product data directly into their customer’s shop software offers a tremendous benefit over paper catalogs and websites that currently offer this type of data which is manually typed into the end user’s software,” says Pierre-Francois Tavard, Cloud Evangelist for the Machining Cloud GmbH. “By utilizing cloud technology and industry standards – including ISO13399, STEP, GTC and MTConnect – the Machining Cloud is capable of serving up-to-date product data to virtually any shop floor software or system.”

“In today’s manufacturing world it’s all about producing the most number of quality parts, in spec and in tolerance at the end of the work day. If you do that, your company makes money and beats the competition. Destiny Tool believes, that in order to be a top performer you have to pick out your niche and then constantly improve upon it. At Destiny Tool, we have developed unique tooling for those who are looking for the finest end mills. For many years at Destiny Tool we cut our teeth in non-ferrous and hi-temp alloys and we believe that our performance end mills are the very best available in the world for those specific material groups,” says Bernie Martin and Guy Calamia from Destiny Tool.

The Machining Cloud apps run on Microsoft Windows® 7 and 8 powered desktop and tablet computers, as well as Android tablets and iPads. The Machining Cloud is a neutral platform open to all partners and suppliers, making it suitable for the needs of most shops.