Vargus leads the way with its new VRX grade

Posted at: Jan 30


Vargus Ltd., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality thread cutting, grooving and deburring tools for the metals and plastics industries, showcased there latest product at IMTEX 2015. According to the company, the new VRX multipurpose thread turning grade from Vardex is a step forward for them.

“The launch of the new VRX grade marks a significant step forward in our market position as a leading provider of advanced threading solutions. We invested extensive resources in the technological development of VRX in
response to calls from our customers for a high performance threading grade suitable for a wide range of materials and cutting conditions,” said Harry Ehrenberg, President, Vargus Ltd.

Suitable for machining steel, hardened steel up to 55 HRc, stainless steel, high temperature alloys and non-ferrous metals at low and high cutting speeds, VRX grade inserts are available in sizes IC 3/8” and IC 1/4” and suitable for all standard thread turning profiles. In the future, the VRX grade will be extended to additional sizes and products throughout the Vardex line.

The VRX grade comprises a multitude of nanometric layers that are composed of alloyed composite materials. An advanced adhesion process binds these layers together to form a tough multi-layer structure that provides stronger wear resistance, a longer tool life and better productivity.

“Our internal lab tests and field reports confirm our belief that VRX will soon become a new benchmark in our industry. The new VRX grade outperforms our leading competitors regardless of the cutting material or conditions. We look forward to continuing this trend in the future with an ever growing stream of new product solutions in 2015 and beyond,” added David Wolfe, VP Sales & Marketing, Vargus Ltd.

VARGUS GENiusTM, VARGUS’s leading thread turning software program is updated with the new VRX grade inserts.