Ural Instrument Pumori Company marked production of Indo- Russian metal working machines

Posted at: Apr 7

Ural Instrument Pumori Company marked production of Indo- Russian metal working machines


Ural-instrument-Pumori company (Perm city, Pumori Urals Machine-building Corporation member company) has produced “Centre UiP VF400”, the first Russian-Indian machining centre.  Machine assembly marked a new stage of cooperation with Ace Manufacturing Systems (AMS), Indian machine-tool building company. AMS is a member of ACE Micromatic Group and is the largest manufacturer of horizontal and vertical CNC machining centres in India. The company constantly develops a range of the supplied equipment expanding supplies both to domestic and export markets. The basic countries of export are Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Japan and USA, more than 200 CNC machines were supplied to these countries.

Cooperation of Ural-instrument-Pumori with AMS was started in 2007 with the supply of CNC machining centers to Russia. Since that time these machining centers have proven to be high-quality and reliable equipment, providing customers with cost efficient and at the same time effective solutions for specific production targets. In December 2013 an agreement on assembly of the machines in the territory of the Perm district was signed.   Under this agreement AMS company supplied a machine frame, and all the necessary machine units were manufactured in the territory of the Perm district. High quality requirements caused a necessity of careful selection of a manufacturer and suppliers.  Not only high quality geometrical arrangement with an exact conformity to drawings, but also an outside view was important. The machine manufactured by Ural-instrument-Pumori passed all the necessary tests and meets all the requirements for the equipment, manufactured in the territory of Russian Federation, what is confirmed by the certificate of conformance.

Production of the machines in Russia with the usage of component parts produced in Russia made it possible to reduce production cost thus provoking a competition for the imported equipment, what is important in the light of the present situation. In 2015 it is planned to manufacture a CNC machining center— “Centre UiP VF450/100”, as well as another models in the total amount of not less than 20 pieces.  Going forward it is planned to create an assembly center in Perm. Implementation of this project is possible only in case of production localization, which implies creation of new workplaces in Perm district and placement of orders for component parts produced by the local manufacturers.


Courtesy: Mfgtechupdate.com