Turnkey 5-axis machining solution gets businesses up and running faster

Posted at: Dec 28


Geometric Limited (BSE: 532312, NSE: GEOMETRIC), a global leader in 3D CNC machining software, in partnership with Ganesh Machinery, a leading CNC machine manufacturer, today announced the availability of a turnkey 5-axis CNC machining solution for the North American markets that provides a ready-to-use 5-axis CNC machine, enabling manufacturing organizations to implement advanced machining capabilities more quickly and cost-effectively.

This advanced machining solution includes CAMWorks® 3D CNC machining software, Ganesh’s new VFM 5X-8 5-Axis vertical machining center, and a certified post-processor. Because CAMWorks is bundled with the Ganesh 5-axis machine, the post processor is pre-programmed and certified, reducing the learning curve and time to productivity.  State of the art training has also been prepared specifically for this bundle, further reducing challenges often arising when implementing advanced multi-axis machining solutions.

“As Ganesh enters the 5-axis CNC machining world, we realize that helping our customers become productive with our machines as quickly as possible demands the use of quality software with a clean post-processor,” says Ganesh Owner, Harvinder Singh. “We wanted to package our machine with modern, easy-to-use CAM software that minimizes the learning curve and facilitates fast, successful implementation. We are familiar with CAMWorks software because we use it internally and believe it will help our customers get up and running more quickly. The fact that CAMWorks software utilizes the SOLIDWORKS® CAD modeler as its geometry engine is also a huge plus.”

“As part of this bundle, we’ve developed a CAMWorks post-processor specifically for the Ganesh 5-axis machine, as well as a virtual machine simulation add-on for proving our complex toolpaths,” explains Jim Foster, VP, Global Channel Sales and Marketing at Geometric. “Deploying 5-axis machining in a production environment is challenging, and many unforeseen delays related to software, post-processors, and training can occur.  By partnering with Ganesh, we are helping businesses take 5-axis machining to production faster and without costly pitfalls.”