Tungaloy Expands it’s TungSlot, Indexable Slot Milling Cutter

Posted at: Jul 6

Tungaloy Expands it’s TungSlot, Indexable Slot Milling Cutter



Tungaloy Corporation is pleased to announce the expansion of TungSlot, indexable slot milling cutter.


Slot milling cutters are used in various industries for slot milling of automotive-related components and large components often found in heavy equipment and power generation industries. In slot milling operation, where slot usually being deep and narrow creating hard and large chips, the cutting edge suddenly fractures due to poor chip evacuation and chip jams. Therefore, the reliability for good chip evacuation and cutting edge with high fracture resistance is strongly required.


TungSlot is the slot milling cutter that achieves remarkable cutting performance and reliability to meet the demand. The economical insert has a total of 6 cutting edges available, with 3 right- and 3 left-hand cutting edges, which delivers excellent chip control. The gullet on the cutter body is optimized for excellent chip evacuation. With the combination of the insert and the cutter body, TungSlot provides highly efficient slotting operations for a wide variety of workpiece materials.


The insert series with the edge width range from 6 to 16 mm is already in the market and enjoys favorable reputations in machining of many different types of components. This expansion will add the series for 4 and 5 mm edge width and ø80 – ø160 mm tool diameter range, which broadens application area to deep slotting with small width and parting-off. TungSlot is highly reliable and economical tool series that overcame the problems many customers face in slot milling operation, which will help customers improve their productivity.


Main features:


  • Indexable slot milling cutter and the economical insert with 6 cutting edges
  • Both right- and left-hand cutting edges are available with an insert, offering easy tool management
  • Now available with edge width: 4 and 5 mm and tool diameter: ø80 – ø160 mm
  • Optimized gullet on the cutter body delivers excellent chip evacuation.
  • Close-pitch cutter provides highly efficient slotting operation.
  • Cutter body:  Total 16 items
  • Insert: Total 8 items


courtesy: mfgtechupdate.com