Tungaloy’s AM Chipbreaker for Highly Efficient Machining of Steel

Posted at: Jul 14

Tungaloy’s AM Chipbreaker for Highly Efficient Machining of Steel


Tungaloy Corporation is pleased to introduce AM chipbreaker that increases efficiency in medium cutting of steel.

In today’s metalworking industry, manufacturers seek highly efficient machining as they need to improve their productivity. Increased speed and feed rates are usually the solutions to this demand; however, this will increase the cutting force towards the inserts that will generate excessive crater wear (wear on the rake face), leading to sudden fracture and poor chip control due to wear on the chipbreaker.

The new AM chipbreaker features “Lift-Ridge” shape. This Tungaloy’s latest innovation will minimize the contacting area between the chip and the rake surface and reduce the heat generated by chip abrasion, preventing crater wear from developing. The inclination on the cutting edge decreases cutting force even in machining at high speed and feed. Also, optimized chipbreaker width and geometry deliver stable chip control.

AM chipbreaker is an excellent choice for steel turning where productivity is to be improved and helps provide customers with highly efficient machining.

Main features:

  •  “Lift-Ridge” shape prevents crater wear in the operation at high speed and feed, resulting in stable machining.
  •   Optimized chipbreaker geometry delivers excellent chip evacuation.
  •   Total 28 items


Courtesy: Mfgtechupdate.com