Seco increases copy milling capabilities via three product expansions

Posted at: Sep 8

Seco increases copy milling capabilities via three product expansions


Seco recently added new offerings to its Minimaster Plus replaceable cutting tool system, Combimaster milling cutter system and Round 12 button insert line to further extend the capabilities of these copy milling products.

The company has optimised the cutting parameters of its popular Minimaster Plus system via a new four-flute head for larger helix angles. The head joins the system’s existing three-flute design. Both cutting heads provide high metal removal rates in roughing and semi-finishing operations. The four-flute head, however, features shorter 0.7xD flute lengths for increased stability in aggressive metal removal applications and 5-axis machining where cutter ends are used more frequently than entire flute lengths.


The industry-leading Combimaster milling cutter system encompasses an array of shank types, lengths and interchangeable cutter heads that offers maximum flexibility over a wide range of applications. Seco takes the versatility and stability of this system into the 40/42-mm diameter (50-mm diameter in ballnose) cutter arena with the new M20 connection. The M20 thread ensures the strongest connection possible between the shank and the cutter body. In most instances, the Combimaster M20 allows users to increase both metal removal rates and depths of cut by as much as 15 percent to improve overall machining performance. Seco has adapted the M20 connection to more than 30 new holder styles and over 50 types of milling cutters.

Seco has advanced its range of Round 12 button inserts with the addition of indexing capabilities that provide fast, precise insert positioning. The anti-rotation indexing system provides absolute insert security, especially during demanding material removal applications. Round 12 inserts have indexing notches that correspond with cutter body alignment marks, both of which ensure perfect insert positioning into the cutter body pocket seats and make the system extremely easy to use. For the new system, Seco incorporated advanced geometries with the Round 12 inserts and designed all the diameters of the cutting bodies with new differential pitches to reduce vibration and chatter.