Seco extends X4 product line for reliable short-reach grooving and parting-off

Posted at: Jul 27

Seco extends X4 product line for reliable short-reach grooving and parting-off


Seco continues to grow its innovative, highly productive X4 product line to expand the benefits of its short-reach grooving and parting-off system to an even greater range of applications. The line now includes larger radii, additional angled inserts and TGH 1050 grade inserts.

The X4 multi-edge system meets industry demands for grooving and parting-off tools with narrow cutting edges and consists of indexable tangential inserts and a highly stable clamp design. These strong, dependable system components achieve high accuracy, repeatability, productivity and surface quality in external grooving and parting-off operations involving small parts, slim bars and tubes made from a wide variety of common materials.

In addition to the current radii options of 0.1 mm and 0.15 mm, Seco now offers eight new large radii CP500 grade insert versions with widths from 1.5 mm – 3 mm with corner radii of 0.2 mm and 0.3 mm. These target those applications where customers require specific radii. With the larger radii options, customers can apply higher feeds while maintaining high quality surface finishes. Also added are two 1.5 mm angled inserts with smaller radii available.

The extended X4 line also includes the unique TGH 1050 grade featuring a very hard micro grain substrate and new PVD coating for efficiently cutting hardened steels. The new grade, which is available in six widths of 0.5 mm – 3 mm in MC and FG geometries, will benefit manufacturers in all industry segments, especially automotive. While it was designed for hardened materials, the TGH 1050 is also well suited for machining superalloys/heat-resistant alloys often found in the aerospace and power generation industries. In testing, the TGH 1050 cut significantly faster and lasted much longer as compared with existing grades.