Okuma develops space-saving CNC precision cylindrical grinders

Posted at: Nov 13



The GA15W and GP15W CNC precision cylindrical grinders, with the smallest width in the class, have been developed in line with the popular GP-TII and GA-TII series of compact wheelhead traverse cylindrical grinders

The GA15W and GP15W were developed with a thoroughly space-saving footprint to target small parts. The machines have widths of 1,550 mm, the smallest in the class, and high productivity per unit area.

They combine heavy-duty grinding and high accuracy with Okuma’s original non-round plain bearing (hydrodynamic wheel spindle). Rotational accuracy is 0.01 μm. High rigidity and low following error result from a wide V-Flat guideway design plus lapping work. They also introduce functions that minimize thermal deviation with a structure that does not readily transmit coolant heat and does inhibit regenerative chatter with a chatter suppression function.
Innovations for high accuracy machining are seen in all parts of the machines.

The GA15W and GP15W are also equipped with a new OSP-P300G CNC for grinders that enables setup operations to be done on a single screen with simple operating procedures in line with intuitive operative intentions and improves operability.