Nicolas Correa introduced Multi-tasking Mill Turn Machine at EMO

Posted at: Nov 4

Nicolas Correa introduced Multi-tasking Mill Turn Machine at EMO


Nicolás Correa is entering the market of multi-tasking mill-turn machines and introduced its Correa VH-PLUS MG-T range of machines during EMO 2015.

A bed-type milling machine, T-structure and rotary table integrated on the longitudinal axis. An extremely robust machine that enables high performance machining of all types of materials.

The T-architecture and thermo-symmetrical construction (vertical carriage centred on column) offers the customer tremendous flexibility and positioning accuracy, even in adverse environmental conditions.

The machine has a hydraulic locking system on the X axis to ensure smooth high-performance turning. There are two options of turning systems: 

Accessory for turning: It is an accessory manually attachable to the milling head with a Capto C8 coupling. Designed for processes where 80-85% is milling work and a simple economical solution is required. 

Turning head: A turning head that is automatically guided with a C8 automatic coupling. Designed for processes where 65% is milling work but a totally automated mill-turn solution is sought.