New Seco Jabro-Solid2 end mills enhance roughing and thin-wall applications

Posted at: Oct 30

New Seco Jabro-Solid2 end mills enhance roughing and thin-wall applications


Seco recently expanded its already comprehensive line of Jabro-Solid2 end mills to include new capabilities for significantly higher feed rates and metal removal in advanced roughing applications as well as a broader selection of long-length tools for processing aluminium.

Seco developed the new, highly versatile JS554-2C universal solid-carbide end mill to achieve the highest possible feed and metal removal rates in advanced roughing applications.

Featuring advanced SIRA coating and a stable tapered-core design, the JS554-2C can run high-radial engagements, this capability reduces the number of required roughing passes and helps shorten overall part processing cycle times.

Furthermore, the JS554-2C can perform rough side-milling operations using its entire 2.5*dc cutting length. With the applied chip splitter the tool produces short chips, which prevents clogs in the machine tool system for smooth unmanned operations. And, when compared with other tools in its series, the JS554-2C has a more positive frontal teeth geometry for effectively handling axial operations. The increased chip room at its frontal teeth also makes the tool well suited for helical interpolation.

Available in cutting lengths up to 2.5xD, the JS554-2C gives users the option to select straight shank diameters from 4 mm to 20 mm or Weldon shank diameters from 6 mm to 20 mm.

The  JS452-L solid-carbide end mill additions (length index 3) are designed to bring high stability to long-overhang, needed to perform in thin-wall applications involving aluminium workpiece materials. The tool also makes it possible for users to machine at extremely high speeds.

Featuring a polished HEMI Titanium DiBoride (TiB2) aluminium-inert coating with a low friction coefficient, the JS452-L experiences minimal material adhesion/buildup for an overall boost in tool life. The coating also assists in effective chip removal and heat evacuation at the cutting zone.

The JS452-L encompasses 54 long-length options with diameter ranges from 8 mm to 20 mm, corner radii from 0.2 mm to 6 mm and both Weldon and cylindrical shank mounting styles. Furthermore, an extra gash on the tool’s cutter geometry helps maintain the best possible radius form as well as contributes to optimised chip flow, which is highly beneficial when machining aircraft structural components.

For more information on the new JS554-2C and JS452-L additions as well as the entire range of Jabro-Solid2 solid-carbide end mills.