New Mazak INTEGREX e-1250V/8 Advances High-Volume, Large Part Production

Posted at: Jun 22

New Mazak INTEGREX e-1250V/8 Advances High-Volume, Large Part Production


Perfect for high-volume job shops as well as aerospace and construction manufacturers, the Mazak INTEGREX e-1250V/8 Multi-Tasking machine combines full 5-axis milling, powerful turning and pallet changing to productively process complex parts up to 57″ in diameter and 63″ high in single setups.

The machine employs a 10,000-rpm, 50-hp milling spindle with a B-axis tilt of -30/+120 degrees for accurate 5-axis operations, while a 500-rpm, 54-hp direct-drive C-axis turning table with roller gear cam technology eliminates backlash for smoother, high-precision rotation in heavy-duty cutting operations. High-speed and high-torque milling spindle specifications are also available so the machine can successfully meet a broad range of application requirements involving materials such as titanium, aluminum and steel.

Mazak situated the machine’s automatic tool changer, available in tool storage capacities of 42, 84, 120 or 162 tools, near the CNC so operators can perform quick visual tooling checks. Such positioning also puts the cutting tools closer to the spindle for faster change outs. Furthermore, this high-speed, rack-type tool magazine is expandable after the machine’s initial installation. Axis travels on the INTEGREX e-1250V/8 measure 73.82″ in X, 49.21″ in Y and 52.95″ in Z. The axes incorporate Mazak’s MX Hybrid Roller Guide System to achieve high levels of durability and reliability that result in long-term accuracy. The innovative way system increases vibration dampening, extends tool life, handles higher load capacities and eliminates tramp oil in the coolant via a greener grease-based lubrication system.

The machine features Mazak’s all-new MAZATROL SmoothX CNC, which offers the industry’s fastest processing capabilities. As a key component of the company’s new SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY process-performance platform, the CNC offers several productivity advantages that reduce machining cycle times, especially in fine increment programs for simultaneous 5-axis operations and free-form die-mold machining. Highly beneficial to part manufacturers focused on high-volume production, the INTEGREX e-1250V/8 comes with a two-pallet changer that provides unattended operations and off-cycle part setup. This simple, efficient form of automation allows operators to load, unload and inspect parts on one pallet while the machine works on the other undisturbed.

For those seeking lights-out operations, the machine also integrates with the company’s PALLETECH System, an advanced pre-engineered palletized manufacturing solution.