New EC-H4S-CF endmills from ISCAR with corner Radii

Posted at: Sep 26

New EC-H4S-CF endmills from ISCAR with corner Radii


Following market demand, ISCAR is expanding the options of the EC-H4S-CF endmills family by adding tools with corner radii to the already existing chamfered corner tools.

The new EC-H4S-CF endmills with corner radii are available in 6.0, 8.0, 10.0 and 12.0 mm diameters.

EC-H4S-CF tools feature 1xD short cutting edge length, hub section diameter 7% larger than the  regular-type endmills and a radial relief angle that features a single-angle unlike the regular-type with three relief stages.

All the above led to a stronger tool design and reduced production costs that enabled price reduction.

The new tools are made from grades IC608 and IC900, recommended for hardened steel (IC900 for up to 45 HRC and IC608 for 45-60 HRC) and milling alloy steel at moderate to high cutting speeds.

The new EC-H4S-CF tools should be offered against the competitor’s exchangeable head tools and for short (1xD) D.O.C. applications that require round corners.