Multiple accolades for ArtCAM users at Coin Of The Year Awards

Posted at: Jan 6

Multiple accolades for ArtCAM users at Coin Of The Year Awards


Mints using Delcam’s ArtCAM CADCAM software to produce their designs were winners in multiple categories at the 2016 Coin Of The Year (COTY) Awards.

The Awards, which are organised by Krause Publications and sponsored by World Coin News, will be presented to the winning mints during the World Money Fair to be held in Berlin from 5th to 7th February. A selection of the winning coins will be displayed on the ArtCAM stand at the Fair.

The most prolific winner using ArtCAM was the Austrian Mint, which was recognised in three categories following votes from an International Panel of judges. The Mint won in the Best Bi-Metallic Coin category with a 25 euro silver and niobium coin highlighting the science of evolution, in the Best Silver Coin category with its 20 Euro coin commemorating the fall of the Iron Curtain, and in the Most Artistic Coin category with a gold 50-euro coin celebrating the Gustav Klimt painting, Judith II.

One of ArtCAM’s earliest customers, the UK Royal Mint, won the Award for Best Circulating Coin. The two pound bi-metallic coin, which marked the centenary of the First World War, depicts Lord Kitchener on the reverse.

Another longstanding ArtCAM user, the Royal Canadian Mint won in the Best Crown Coin category. Crowns are silver or copper-nickel clad coins with a diameter between 37 and 45 mm. The Canadian $20 silver coin features a view looking up at a maple-leaf tree.

A 10 zlotych silver coin won the Most Inspirational Coin category for the Polish Mint. This coin honoured the birth of Jan Karski, who smuggled evidence of the Holocaust to the Allies in a hollow key.

The final win by an ArtCAM customer came from the German Mint, with a 10-euro silver coin commemorating the 300th anniversary of Daniel Fahrenheit’s invention of the mercury thermometer. The coin won the Most Historically Significant Coin award, an award recognising coins that highlight events that occurred at least 100 years ago.

ArtCAM Product Manager Rob Newman said, “We are delighted that, once again, so many of our longstanding customers have achieved such well-deserved success with their innovative and imaginative designs. ArtCAM works very closely with most of the world’s mints and is always looking for ways to improve not only design but also security features, and manufacturing efficiencies. Many congratulations to all of the winners.”