Makino Announces Partnership with Harbour Results Inc. to Participate in Harbour IQ

Posted at: Jun 24



Makino announces its partnership with Harbour Results Inc. (HRI), a leading business and operational consultant firm for the manufacturing industry. The partnership with HRI intends to support the organization’s newest product offering, Harbour IQ, a global resource of data and trends for the mold, tool and die industry.

“Harbour IQ comes at an opportune time for the North American tool and die industry, where business decisions are becoming increasingly reliant upon real-time information,” said Mark Rentschler, marketing director of Makino. “Makino is excited to partner with Harbour Results and contribute to the Harbour IQ product. We believe this service is integral to the growth and competitiveness of the mold, tool and die industries.”

North American tool and die manufacturers continue to face increasing pressure from low-labor-cost countries, which has recently led to significant investments in advanced manufacturing technologies. Many of these companies have turned to automated flexible manufacturing systems to meet growing demand for improved efficiency, productivity, accuracy, quality and cost. However, due to the complex nature of these automated systems, and the difficulty in identifying skilled labor, this can be a challenging feat for many mold, tool and die manufacturers. Makino is active in supporting the tool and die industry through both advanced manufacturing technologies and experienced engineering services that support the design, specification and development of an automated system.

Harbour IQ is the global source for performance benchmarking, trends, and financial and operational data for the tool and die industry. Partners and participants have access to relevant data and information that can be aggregated and queried into custom reports as well as manufacturing trend reports, white papers and various other technical reports. Harbour IQ unlocks the key to never-before-seen data and information critical to manufacturers in developing a successful long-term business strategy while managing the day-to-day business.

“Makino and HRI share a long-standing relationship and the desire to help advance the manufacture of molds, tools and dies,” said Laurie Harbour, president and CEO, HRI. “Today’s tool and die manufacturers are under greater pressure than ever before, and companies like Makino are crucial in helping these companies meet their goals.