KOMET’s KUB Centron Powerline core bit drill expand the range of applications

Posted at: Dec 21

KOMET’s KUB Centron Powerline core bit drill expand the range of applications


The KOMET GROUP is continuously working to further develop its range of tools, which will afford the user even greater gains in terms of productivity. The results of the latest efforts are a choice of two new centring points for the KOMET KUB Centron® Powerline core bit drill which, with its multiple cutting edges, enables high feed rates and, as a result, short production times.

The points that have been available until now are standard carbide points, which can be used universally. However, for machining certain materials that require, for example, low cutting speeds, or for unstable situations such as working on lathes, where there is a certain degree of axial misalignment, tougher cutting tool materials offer a number of advantages.

This is why drilling specialists at KOMET® have come up with a second centring point which, with its special ground section and coating, is optimised for use with stainless steels. The substrate consists of carbide that has predominantly been used for the purpose of wear protection in the past, and is much tougher than the carbide grade originally used. This makes the new centring point suitable for working situations in which vibrations and minor impacts are likely to occur, as well as for materials that are difficult to machine and require cutting speeds of between 30 and 80 m/min. For large tool diameters where the centring point is subjected to even lower cutting speeds (between 10 and 30 m/min), the KOMET GROUP offers a third centring point, which is made from HSS. It too has the special ground section for stainless steels and the corresponding coating.

The centring point is a crucial element of the KOMET KUB Centron® Powerline. It guides the tool precisely along the drilling axis, ensuring dimensional accuracy, straightness and outstanding process reliability at drilling depths of up to 9xD. The core bit has two or, depending on the diameter, more than two Quatron indexable inserts, which provide a high level of stability and optimal chip evacuation. The cutting distribution on each side allows short chips to be produced even when using materials that are extremely difficult to machine. The four cutting edges per indexable insert, various substrates and coatings and tailored topographies for excellent chip control, soft cutting action, etc. allow for a long tool life and help make machining cost effective.