ISCAR is expanding the range of the HELIIQMILL 390 line insert

Posted at: Mar 12

ISCAR is expanding the range of the HELIIQMILL 390 line insert


Expansion of the HELIIQMILL 390 line with new 15mm insert geometries to meet more application requirements.

Following market demand, ISCAR is expanding the HELIIQMILL HM390 – 15 triangular insert family to meet the growing requirements of effecient milling in various industrial sectors and applications, by adding three new geometries, one in a cermet grade.

Generally, cermet features excellent wear resistance at high temperature and reduced buitlt-up edge formation (BUE) with respect to tungsten carbide. These properties contribute greatly to successfully applying cermet tools to high speed machining (HSM) and achieveing super finish cutting. ISCAR’s cermet grade IC30N was designed for long life and excellent surface quality. The new insert is intended mostly semi-finish and finish milling operations, providing a fine machined surface for general use aplications.

  • Features
    Cermet grade for longer tool life and superior surface finish
  • Good choice for HSM due to high resistance to abrasion and oxidation wear
  • wide and sharpe-edge wiper for improved quality of machined surface
  • 0.8 mm corner radious
  • Covers a wide milling application range on steel

Applying insert made from cermet prevents BUE and thus increasing productivity when milling materials that cause high adhesion wear. The insert cutting edge continues to be sharp over a long period of time, maintaining low cutting force and excellent surface quality – hence, the cermet inserts are good choice for precise finish milling.