In Conjunction With Our Product Launch At The IMTS, CNCJobs.Net Is Happy to Announce Our New Logo!

Posted at: Sep 2




Why The Ant?

As many of you know CNC Jobs is the #1 employment source specializing in Manufacturing and Technology. We have guided and placed over 7,000 candidates on a new career path to expand their skill sets and advance their careers. CNC Jobs is a family owned company and we value both our clients and candidates.  


The reason for the ant is quite simple really. Ants are social insects and have a real family life. They live in communities, and the members of a community depend on one another. Social insects lead very different lives in the fact that life within the ant colony is very organized. Each Member has a job to do and they rely on one another much like we do. For that reason, the Ant was an easy choice for us.

With that said, starting at the IMTS and throughout the month of September CNCJobs.Net will be hosting a "Name the Ant" Contest. There will be an email announcing the contest as well as a link on our "New Website" launching at the IMTS.