ISCAR launches tailor made adjustable multi-toothed reamers for cast iron applications

Posted at: Feb 17

ISCAR launches tailor made adjustable multi-toothed reamers for cast iron applications


ISCAR-WERTEC’s offers dedicated reaming solutions with adjustable multi-toothed reamers and tangentially clamped inserts, which dramatically increase productivity in many different cast iron reaming operations.

For several years, ISCAR-WERTEC has been supplying specially tailored indexable multi-toothed reamers carrying tangentially clamped inserts.

Since the provided solutions for reaming cast iron proved to be very successful, it was decided to update ISCAR’s sales personnel about these unique options and typical examples demonstrating the capabilities of these solutions, which may be offered to new potential customers.

ISCAR-WERTEC presents its new advanced solution for high productivity reaming operations providing new tangential reamers, based on multi-toothed reamers and tangentially clamped
inserts, with multiple adjustment options.


A TANGENTIAL REAMER produces a hole geometry more accurately than the one produced by a conventional boring bar for finishing operations because the runout can be adjusted. Bore tolerances, including straightness and roundness can usually be held within 5 microns (.0002 inch) using a tangential reamer on a typical shop machine.

The immediate advantage of a multi-toothed system can be expressed in terms of productivity, extremely higher than the one obtained with a single-blade reaming tool.

Advantages in machine tool spindle speeds and accuracy, along with improved tool materials and more accurate tool-to-spindle connections, have revolutionized manufacturing processes.

The fine adjustment of the reamer’s diameter can be performed inside the tool room while the machine is working (eliminating machine idle time); in addition, the adjustment process is done with the appropriate measuring device without any need to measure the exact diameter on the first test workpiece.

This diameter adjusting process avoids any stops of the machine that inevitably reduce the productivity, a clear advantage when compared with traditional fine boring systems. Another remarkable advantage arises from the insert’s extensive tool life, which is definitely superior to the tool life achieved with other systems when using both fine boring tools and single blade reamers. One single tangential reamer insert typically reaches a number of worked pieces up to 10 times higher than any other system, particularly if compared with traditional ISO inserts mounted
on fine boring heads.

The surface quality obtained is better than a conventional cutting tool, but lower than the one obtained with a single-blade reamer that is equipped with pads that guide the tool during the reaming operation. In any case, a TANGENTIAL REAMER tool can easily obtain an optimal surface quality, on all types of cast iron applications. Today’s high-performance machine tools demand higher performance tooling and the new TANGENTIAL REAMER line ensures maximum efficiency of modern high-speed and highly accurate machines.