High-performance WIDIA VSM17 platform adds versatility

Posted at: Oct 19

High-performance WIDIA VSM17 platform adds versatility


The versatile and robust VSM17 platform from WIDIA provide true 90-degree walls and excellent stepless finishes.

With cutters that can be used for shoulder milling, profiling, face milling, slotting, ramping, helical interpolation, and circular interpolation, all while achieving true 90-degree shoulders, the Victory Shoulder Mill (VSM) 17 platform from WIDIA is a robust and versatile job-shop winner.

Designed for low horsepower draw and free machining, the VSM17 delivers an effective one-two punch of reduced horsepower at the machine and higher speed and feed rates that mean more parts per shift. “For a wide range of work materials, the entire VSM 17 platform is optimized to provide higher productivity for job shops” says Adarsh Sowcar, global product manager, indexable milling.

VSM17 cutter bodies have an integral chip gash design for excellent chip evacuation along with hardened-steel construction and hardened pocket seats which provide high resistance to deformation. VSM17 offers aggressive ramping capability up to 8.8° and a maximum 0.642” (16.45mm) depth of cut. VSM17 is available in shell mills, screw on cutters, cylindrical shank and Weldon shank end mills with internal air and coolant capability.

VSM17 inserts have strong cutting edges, multiple corner radii, and positive rake faces that provide a true 90-degree wall while providing excellent wall and floor surface finish.

VSM17 starter kits are available now through local authorized WIDIA distributors. These kits feature a cutter body and ten inserts.

Featured in NOVO
Moreover, the VSM17 platform is available through NOVO™, WIDIA’s digital process knowledge application. With powerful process knowledge available on iPad™ and other digital devices, NOVO helps users define machining features, such as ramping or slotting in specific work materials, and then immediately reduces the product set to those like VSM17 that can do the job. This provides far more useful process knowledge than any online catalog alone, all obtained in a fraction of the time.


courtesy: mfgtechupdate.com