Haas DM-1 high-speed 40-taper drill/mill center provides speed

Posted at: Jun 2

Haas DM-1 high-speed 40-taper drill/mill center provides speed



To compete in today’s economy, machine shops must produce parts quickly and accurately, while optimising their floor space. Whether you are a high-mix production business looking to increase throughput, or a sub-contract machine shop looking for a small, fast 40-taper machine, the DM-1 from Haas Automation is the solution.

The DM-1 is a high-speed, lean-style machining center with a compact footprint that allows multiple machines to be placed side-by-side to make the most efficient use of valuable shop floor space. Its high acceleration rates, fast axis speeds, and short tool change times – combined with a 40-taper inline spindle – make the DT-1 an attractive high-productivity machining center.

The DM-1 has a 508 x 406 x 394 mm work cube and a 660 mm x 381 mm T-slot table. The 40-taper inline direct-drive spindle turns to 15,000 rpm, and allows high-speed rigid tapping, with up to four times retract speed. The spindle is coupled directly to the motor to reduce heat, increase power transmission, and provide excellent surface finishes. A 15-hp vector drive system provides 62 Nm (peak) of cutting torque for milling and boring operations.

The DM-1 provides cutting feed rates to 30.5 m/min for high-speed milling, and the machine’s 18+1 side-mount tool changer swaps tools quickly to reduce non-cutting time. High-speed 61 m/min rapids combine with high acceleration rates to shorten cycle times and increase throughput.

For efficient chip removal, the DM-1 features steeply sloped internal sheet metal. Optional twin chip augers transport chips to exit at the rear of the machine, allowing multiple machines to be placed close together. A 170 L flood coolant system is standard, with options for a programmable coolant nozzle and high-pressure through-spindle coolant systems. A wide selection of options are available to further boost productivity, including high-speed machining software, wireless tool and work probing, 4th- and 5th-axis capability, and much more.

Built in the USA by Haas, the DM-1 Drill/Mill Center is backed by the worldwide network of Haas Factory Outlets – the most extensive system of support and service in the industry. 



Courtesy: mfgtechupdate.com