HAIMER developed cool flash tool holder

Posted at: Nov 30

HAIMER developed cool flash tool holder


True to the slogan “make good things even better”, HAIMER developed the Cool Flash system based on the existing Cool Jet system for shrink fit holders in order to guarantee an optimal coolant outlet even at high speeds

Functional principle

In the Cool Flash system – similar to the Cool Jet system – coolant bores are made in the tool holder with which the coolant is transported up to the face surface of the chuck. There is a pad placed on the face surface of the Cool Flash chuck which leaves a narrow circular gap leading up to the tool. The coolant is collected in this chamber, creates high pressure and is distributed over the entire circumference of the tool shank. It flows out of this small reservoir like a closed housing directly along the tool shank. At the end of the shank area, the coolant is pressed into the T-slots, rinses them free and even at the highest speeds it reaches the cutting edges directly, without sputtering, where it can deploy its cooling effect.

Easy handling

Compared with the state of the art, the new HAIMER Cool Flash system offers the decisive advantage that no additional sleeves or separate holders become necessary for optimal cooling, which would otherwise entail greater effort during the shrink fit process. The HAIMER shrink fit chucks can also be shrinked and unshrinked “normally” with the Cool Flash option. Furthermore, stability, rigidity and interference contour of the original

HAIMER holder remain unchanged.

Benefits at a glance

  • Coolant directly to the cutting edge
  • Extended tool life up to 100 %
  • Eliminates balls of chips on the cutting tool
  • Also for high rpm
  • Optimized runout accuracy! No additional unbalance! No disturbing clearance!
  • Low acquisition costs & can be added later
  • Cool Flash is available from shank diameter 6 mm up to 20 mm