GF Machining Solutions to Demo High-Speed Milling, Wire EDM at CMTS

Posted at: Aug 4


At CMTS 2015, GF Machining Solutions will showcase machines from its high-speed milling and versatile wire EDM product lines in Elliott Matsuura Canada’s exhibitor space, which encompasses booths 2149, 2160, 2348 and 2360. Attendees to the space can expect to see the Mikron HSM 500 MoldMaster, Mikron HSM 600U LP and AgieCharmilles CUT 20P in action.

Mikron high-speed machining centers are typically 10 times faster than conventional milling machines in terms of cutting speed. They also have the wherewithal to achieve greater accuracy and better surface finishes. With more than 10 models in its HSM series, GF Machining Solutions is able to meet the demands of moldmakers and precision-based part manufacturers across all industry segments.

The company developed the Mikron HSM 500 MoldMaster (MM) high-speed milling machine with today’s mold and die makers in mind. As an all-in-one production system, the machine’s specific features and capabilities give shops the versatility to produce a wide scope of mold and die related components –from 58 Rc steel mold cores to hot pressing dies and even sinker-EDM electrodes for intricate mold cavities – all with one machine tool.

In terms of large, complex parts production, GF Machining Solutions upped the ante when it added the Mikron HSM 600U LP to its high-speed options. The linear performance (LP) milling center processes workpieces in a true 5-axis simultaneous high-speed fashion via linear motor technology in the main machine axes and optimized direct-drive motors for the B and C axes. The machine’s 36,000-rpm vector spindle promotes excellent surface finish and part detail, while reducing machining time for semi-finishing and finishing operations.

The AgieCharmilles CUT 20P is one of more than 20 options in the company’s versatile wire EDM portfolio. As a general-purpose machine, the CUT 20P brings high levels of flexibility and low energy consumption to shops using wire diameters from 0.006″ to 0.12″. The machine comes standard with 0.10″ wire guides, while 0.006″, 0.008″ and 0.012″ wire guides are also available. Furthermore, the machine’s low-maintenance, reliable wire threading system boasts autonomy and reduces operating costs.