FINISHRED solid carbide endmills with coolant channels from ISCAR

Posted at: Aug 10

FINISHRED solid carbide endmills with coolant channels from ISCAR



  • 4-flute FINISHRED geometry with coolant channels directed to each individual cutting-edge
  • Designed for both roughing and semi-finishing operations
  • Excellent chip evacuation at up to 2XD full slot depth applications
  • Made from IC300 tough submicron PVD coated grade

As a result of the successful penetration and excellent performance of the EFS-B44 FINISHRED solid carbide endmills made from IC300, ISCAR has added coolant channels featuring outlets directed to each cutting edge.These coolant channels further improve performance and tool life.


  • 4 flutes with a 45° helix – two serrated flutes and two continuous flutes
  • Coolant channel with outlets directed to each cutting edge
  • Fully effective and enables running at rough machining parameters, resulting in semi-finish surface quality
  • Unique tool design reduces vibration at high load applications
  • Produces short and long chips simultaneously. This chip mixture evacuates more easily than each individual chip type, resulting in an excellent solution for slotting and cavity milling applications
  • A single tool replaces the roughing and finishing endmills, dramatically reducing cycle time and increasing productivity
  • Extra tool position is gained on the machine
  • Eliminates the need to keep a large amount of stock
  • Excellent performance and tool life at interrupted cut and unfavorable conditions
  • Impressive results in machining titanium, Inconel, stainless steel and high temperature alloys, as well as hard materials and carbon steel

IC300 features excellent thermal shock resistance. It should be used with emulsion cooling at low to medium cutting speed.

The new EFS-B44-C solid carbide endmills are available in a diameter range of 6 to 16 mm.