Citizen previews three machines at September Open House

Posted at: Aug 18


Three new key machines from Citizen Machinery UK will be available at its September Open House for preview prior to their European EMO exhibition launch. The new machines will be amongst a total of 12 machines running demonstrations and 17 complementary exhibitors from leading UK equipment, tooling and accessory suppliers.

The turn-mill machines being previewed at Citizen Machinery’s UK headquarters in Bushey, Watford, between 22 and 24 September would normally still be under wraps ahead of the EMO exhibition in Milan during October and feature models from Citizen’s Cincom sliding head and Miyano fixed head stables.

These include three of the latest Citizen Cincom L-series variants, the Citizen L32-Vlll, L20-X and L20-Xll. The new L-series machines are part of the new range pitched as an ‘icon-reinvented’ due to the previous generation series’ record of installation successes around the world.

The new Miyano BNJ-51SY6 fixed head, twin turret, turn-mill centre will be seen in Europe for the first time and is the sixth generation of this popular machine. The latest version now features a new second ‘half-moon’ turret with live tool capability.

Other machines in the Citizen Machinery line up include the GN3200, a single spindle two-axis high precision chucking lathe with integrated loading; GN 3200W, a two spindle, four-axis duplex spindle arrangement; and the two-axis GN4200 with extended slide strokes and gantry loading. In addition, the highly successful five-axis Citizen L12, and ever popular B-series, which has expanded capacity to 16 mm in the 16E, will be shown alongside the top-of-the-range 10-axis M32-Vlll.

From Citizen-Miyano’s fixed headstock range, in addition to the new BNJ, a seven-axis BNE-51MSY with two 12 station turrets and an eight-axis BNA-42GTY with eight station turret plus a gang tool post with the ability to carry up to 45 tools will also be producing sample components.

C entral to the newly developed Citizen L32 is its modular design and extra wide, easy access, rising operator door and additional rear access for setting and the capability to enable the machine to be configured from a package of ‘function modules’ to meet their needs. It is delivered in guide bush and non-guide bush formats as standard and bar capacities of 32 mm as standard and 35+ mm as an option. The new serie of three models span from a five-axis machine with 30 tool capacity to a highly flexible seven-axis version having 40 tools plus a B-axis, and Y2-axis to the back tool post.

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