5ME shows break-through technologies at AeroDef that increase productivity

Posted at: Apr 8


5ME brings its cryogenic machining technology and productivity-boosting software solutions to AeroDef 2015 in Dallas, TX. The exhibit  will demonstrate how the advantages of cryogenic machining technology – including faster processing speeds, longer tool life and increased part quality – optimize productivity, cost and resource control to produce higher quality parts with shorter delivery times and lower environmental impact.

“Cryogenic machining is particularly suited to the processing of tough materials like hardened/stainless/alloy steels, Inconel and composites, which are all commonly used in aerospace part production,” said Pete Tecos, Executive Vice President of 5ME. “Its sustainability advantages include the elimination of coolants and associated equipment, no need to wash chips, reduced energy costs, and no fumes, mist, or slip hazards – all of which contribute to a safer, more healthy work environment. It is a data-driven process because we can monitor temperature, flow rates, speeds/feeds, tool life, removal rates and energy consumption to enable greener, cleaner and more profitable production.”

The AeroDef exhibit will also feature new software solutions from 5ME. The new Freedom eLOGTM Dashboards module allows users to create personalized views of shop floor asset data, while e$CORETM – a new report that provides a monetized version of manufacturing performance based on the six span-time categories as defined by the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT). Part of the company’s Freedom eLog software suite, e$CORE provides full transparency into manufacturing gains or losses in terms of dollars, putting the amount of money being saved or wasted in the manufacturing plant at management’s fingertips.

A new hardware module, the Freedom Digital Interface (FDI) with integral MTConnect, allows shops with legacy equipment to monitor machine tool performance using the company’s Freedom eLOG, or other MTConnect monitoring software.

Freedom eLOG automatically extracts critical manufacturing data to produce web-based reports and analytics on asset utilization, availability, performance, quality and OEE. It is brand, asset and process agnostic and is MTConnect-compliant. The software integrates seamlessly with ERP, MES, Maintenance and Quality business systems and can be accessed anytime via smartphone or tablet device. “Customers using Freedom eLOG have reported productivity improvements of up to 50 percent,” added Tecos. “The software provides real-time monitoring and analysis, machine diagnostics, and a comprehensive array of manufacturing metrics.”

5ME provides asset monitoring and manufacturing efficiency software, cryogenic machining systems for any brand machine tool, application engineering as well as tooling and coolant solutions.


Courtesy: mfgtechupdate.com